There's nothing like video!

iYearbook digital yearbooks are a great place to put all of your school's video highlights and clips from the year. Video is the best way to remember your school sports, events and activities. As long as your school is filming you will always be able to relive those moments with an iYearbook digital yearbook.

Color Photos

As Much Color As You Want

iYearbook digital yearbooks allow for every picture to be in color for no additional cost. Life happens in color. Many yearbooks still have black and white pictures printed to save on the cost of the yearbook. We never charge extra to preserve all of your pictures in color.


Access Anywhere

Because iYearbook digital yearbooks are hosted online, you get the benefit of being able to access your account anytime, from anywhere in the world. Maybe even the moon. Well, you probably couldn't actually access your iYearbook digital yearbook from the moon...yet.



We always put security first. All accounts are built from the inside out. To access iYearbook digital yearbooks, students must register with information we give them. That means that no outsiders will ever gain access to your iYearbook digital yearbook.


It Can't Be Much Easier

iYearbook digital yearbooks are easy to use and manage. They have an intuitive user interface that is easy for students to navigate and quickly browse the content. The administrative controls are also extremely effective to manage.

Message Board

Inform Everyone

iYearbook digital yearbook's message board is perfect for keeping your class informed. Use it to announce class reunions, weddings, births, or any significant event. Everyone will have access to the message board regardless of whether or not they purchase an iYearbook digital yearbook.


Get Personal

Signatures are an important part of any yearbook. Not only can you sign other yearbooks, but yours can be signed even if you don't purchase.

Polls and Surveys

Find Out What Everyone Is Thinking

iYearbook digital yearbook's survey feature will drastically reduce the time it takes to conduct a survey. It will also allow yearbook staffs to seemlessly integrate surveys into the print yearbook. Polls and Surveys keep the results anonymous.


Find Out What Individuals Think

Questions not only let you in on how your classmates think, but these results are not anonymous, so you know who thinks what.


Link To Your Favorite Sites

iYearbook digital yearbooks are the perfect platform to keep in touch with all of your friends. It doesn't matter if you blog, use facebook, myspace, or twitter, you can add your personal links to your iYearbook digital yearbook so friends can find you no matter what social networking service you use. This is also a great way to share your favorite sites.